S7VEN – VII (Instrumental Mixtape Review) [@S7VENLDN]

In this industry we always tend to forget that with every great artist, there is an amazing producer behind the scenes. These producers allow the artist to flourish with their blueprint. Without these musical geniuses that complement the artist, the industry will not be as exciting and relevant as it is today.  I feel that it is only recently producers have been receiving the recognition they deserve. It is about time everyone understands that producers are just as relevant as the artist. We can no longer undermine the innovative artistic vision of the producer.

15 year old producer and engineer S7VEN from South London has already made a name for himself as a talented producer at such a young age. S7VEN is the definition of raw talent and has achieved a style and sound of his own in such a short space of time. One of his most recent accomplishments include his very own production featured on Reeko Squeeze’s latest mixtape Childsplay (“BRB”). S7VEN is slowly becoming recognisable for his talent as a producer and a visionary across the UK. The professionalism of this young producer is astonishing and with the release of his instrumental mixtape entitled ‘VII’ we have a wide selection of multi genre instrumentals for our listening pleasure. Did S7VEN achieve musical greatness with this latest instrumental mixtape?

With this instrumental mixtape we are offered 15 of the finest productions of S7VEN, including three bonus tracks. With such a lengthy mixtape with a variety of distinctive sounds, there is something on the mixtape for everybody, whether you are an artist, a fellow producer or just a fan of the craft.

The mixtape begins with the subtle, but yet powerful intro “Prelude in C# Minor” a valiant intro demonstrating the ability of the young producer with the elegant sound of the piano. This is followed by the mysterious sound of “Genius” which is sampled from Kendrick Lamar’s “Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter” and J Cole’s “Firin Squad” which remains bold and stern with a pounding bass line.

The amazing thing with S7VEN’s productions is that the way he wants you to feel about his music is reflected by the sound of the mixtape. Tracks like “Rebirth”, “First Class” and “Love Notes” are tracks that are particularly more cheerful and positive on the mixtape. These tracks are the more relaxed and feel good productions of S7VEN on the instrumental mixtape, not to mention the use of the saxophone used in “Rebirth” and “Love Notes” which makes the productions that more smooth and exceptional for listeners.

Then we have the more serious underground tracks that are easily recognisable with the raw, gritty sound of “Rule Of Three”, “BRB” co produced by E double B and “THE RAQ”. “THE RAQ” brings that trap-esque sound to the instrumental mixtape and this was extremely essential in order to bring a darker, grimey side to the instrumental mixtape. S7VEN as a producer is very diverse with his sound and can cater to many genres and it was only right we get more variations of the hardcore, no rules allowed sound.

Two tracks that stood out for me was the S7VEN remix of both Ciara’s “Body Party” and Tinashe’s “2 On” as we get to see how S7VEN as a producer can revamp songs and implement his own sound to a recognisable track. The remixes has only proved to be valuable.

The mixtape is structured well and is not simply a barrage of productions. This was carefully crafted to prove that S7VEN’s artistry knows no bounds. I’m pleasantly surprised that the production on ‘VII’ is different with every track, we learn something new about the creativity of S7VEN and every track was simply refreshing to listen to. As an artist the production of most tracks is evidently so broad they can fall into many genres.  To produce this calibre of work at 15 years of age, there is only so much more we can see from S7VEN but this is one step ahead in the right direction musically.

Favourite Track: Rebirth

Follow S7ven on Twitter: @S7VENLDN

HARD COPIES AVAILABLE ! – bit.ly/VIIHardCopy AND s7venldn.bandcamp.com/album/vii

Click on the image to stream NOW!
Click on the image to stream NOW!
S7VEN – VII (Instrumental Mixtape Review) [@S7VENLDN]

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